Rationale Beautiful Skin Superfluid

Boasting @RATIONALE’s defining Solar Complex of photo-protective antioxidant Zinc Oxide, Beautiful Skin Superfluid defends against the harmful effects of UV and environmental aggressors. Furthermore, supportive Skin Identical Melanin acts as a natural defence against High Energy Visible Light. Apply liberally and gently as the final step in your morning Ritual for a more polished appearance, coupled with sophisticated protection.

RATIONALE’s innovative Beautiful Skin Superfluid is offered in six universal skin tints, reflecting the amount of Melanin genetically present in human skin.

  • M1 is for those with a very light skin tone that never tan and always burn.
  • M2 is for those with a light skin tone that sometimes tans and usually burns.
  • M3 is for those with light to medium skin tone that slowly tans and usually burns.
  • M4 is for those with a medium skin tone that always tans and rarely
  • M5 is for those with medium to deep skin tone that tans easily and rarely
  • M6 is for those with a deep skin tone that always tans and very rarely burns.