Port Macquarie Dermatology is a specialist medical practice, hence a GP referral is required to enable a Medicare rebate.

It is helpful that you come to your initial consultation with a list of all medications and skin care.

For patients requiring a facial consultation or full skin examination, we recommend you come without makeup.

To assist in reminding you about your upcoming appointment we provide an SMS text 5 days prior to your booked appointment to confirm the date and time. Furthermore, we also follow up 72 hours prior, to patients who have not confirmed back to the SMS message ensuring that you are made fully aware of your upcoming appointment.
As Dr Le has a considerable waiting list, we require 48 hours notice if you decide to cancel your appointment. Late cancellations or non-attendance to appointments will incur a fee. If you cancel in a timely manner we are then able to offer that appointment to another patient who may be waiting to see a Dermatologist sooner.