Port Macquarie Dermatology offers a wide range of laser services which can rejuvenate your skin and treat conditions such as pigmentation, acne and acne scarring and rosacea. Treatments vary in terms of intensity and recovery time and the appropriate treatment plan for you will be determined by your dermatologist. Treatments are performed by Dr Le or one of her experience nurse practitioners. Medicare rebates do apply for some laser services used to treat medical conditions such as rosacea or acne scarring.

Skin Resurfacing

Skin Resurfacing Sciton: Contour TRL Erbium:YAG The Er:YAG laser is a versatile laser which is performed by Dr Le for skin resurfacing. It can be used in the spot setting to remove skin lesions (such as age warts and other non-cancerous growths), or resurface the face at variable depths to achieve the desired results. Micro…

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Vascular Laser

  Vascular Laser Sciton: Clearscan YAG 1064nm Nd:YAG The 1064nm Nd:YAG laser is utilised by Dr Le to effectively treat telangiectasia (blood vsessels), haemangiomas or venous lakes on the face as well as reticular leg veins. It is also used for permanent hair removal. With the inbuilt contact cooling, the Clearscan YAG laser is safe…

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Skin Tightening

  Skin Tightening Venus Viva™ Radio Frequency As we age we produce less collagen, leading to wrinkles, sagging and necklace lines. Venus Viva™ uses heat to naturally boost collagen production to tighten, lift and frame the face + reduce fine lines and wrinkles.   Diminish fine lines Diminish wrinkles Tighten Skin Improve circulation for natural radiance…

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PicoCare 450 Laser with HEXA

PicoCare 450 Laser with HEXA Picosecond lasers are a special category of lasers that can delivers lightening fast picosecond pulse of energy, which shatters targeted pigment into infinitely small particles that can be more readily removed by the body. Thus it is particularly useful for the treatment of pigmentation and tattoo removal. The considerable energy…

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BroadBand Light

  Skin Rejuvenation Sciton: Forever Young BBL Broadband light is an innovative technology that delivers light therapy to the skin to target signs of aging and sun damage, including pigmentation and redness. It can stimulate collagen to rejuvenate your skin and is used for the treatment of inflammatory acne and hair removal. Clinical studies have…

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Venus Versa

Venus Versa The Venus Versa is a multi-platform device which combines Nanofractional radiofrequency resurfacing, multipolar radiofrequency with pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) & intense pulsed light. Port Macquarie Dermatology offers the Venus TRIBELLA treatment, the combination treatment utilising all three modalities – for rejuvenation that targets skin discolouration, elasticity and texture. The Venus Versa has the…

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